Adobe After Effects CC: The Complete Course from Novice to Expert

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Adobe After Effects CC: The Complete Course from Novice to Expert

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Roy Ari

truly amazing course. just finished it. i had no exprience in after effects before and now i know how to create simple to mid level animations. the best foundation course on the web. luay is wonderful, and a nice person who really go and try to help anyone. thank you!

S M Mahbubur Rahman

Louay Zambarakji sir is an amazing trainer/teacher. In this course he try to introduce all of the things about motion graphics & I think he 100% success. he try to understand all of the things very care fully & intelligently so that we can understand care fully.

Indira L

It's a very great course! The instructor is truly an expert in After Effects. I love the fact that he can explain the use of each property and makes you understand it very well. And he takes the time to do it. I am not done with the course yet but I intend to learn more of it step by step. I also love his teaching style. Thanks Louay for sharing your ideas and expertise in this course.

Narcel Reedus

This is great. I needed a more detailed explanation for buttons and toggle switches. This course instructor is providing that information.

I like this instructor's approach and level of expertise. He is always pushing towards being a professional. There are so many buttons and toggles, tips and tricks to learn. He is giving this information in learnable portions.

I want more challenge practices.


Don Cook

Excellent course and extremely comprehensive. After Effects is a massive program, but I believe you were able to touch upon enough of the basics to lay a strong foundation of understanding. As a traditional/digital illustrator trying to expand my knowledge of motion graphics and three-dimensional design your course has given me a path to become more creative.

Manas Paul

Because it's the best course in Udemy I have taken part in so far. Understandably straight to the point- so that you really can start and start right now! Very engaging too.

Hamish Patel

This is a great course for someone without any knowledge of Adobe products. It is evident that Louay is extremely passionate about AE and has put in a lot of effort to make the course simple to follow. It touches a lot of aspects of AE. I am excited to take some additional lessons on the Puppet/2D animation by Louay. Once the course ends you start missing his assent :)

Kevin Marburger

I am about halfway through and really enjoying these lectures. It is obvious that Mr. Louay knows After Effects inside and out, but more importantly, he knows how to teach you the program. These lectures are not just following him as he does different effects and motions. Each lecture he is teaching you the tools that you will need to use After Effects. A very thorough and well organized course for learning motion graphics in After Effects. I look forward to more courses taught by Louay.

Adama Sy

I had to edit the review. it is very important to tell the truth. I have purchased Adobe books. Many of them, but I can tell you nothing worth more than this man work.This is the most satisfying video course I ever purchased. It's not only about after effect , it's the knowledge and the will to share the knowledge and everything he know that makes this course so interesting and important to anyone willing to understand After Effect in all area. Than you Louay, You are a great teacher and I recommend to anyone all your courses

Jocelyn Carrington

Pleasing and positive voice. Very smooth transition in learning the capabilities of After Effects. The challenges work in hand with the previous lesson. All while learning alot of tricks along the way. Great tutorial. I have more to go and am looking forward to seeing a variety of techniques in my work.

Read more than 3200 reviews on

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What Will I Learn?

  • Create full Motion Graphics Videos in After Effects
  • Create Graphics using After Effects Tools
  • Use all After Effects Motion Graphics Properties and Methods
  • Understand and Apply the most useful Visual Effects for Graphics
  • Master the most useful After Effects' Motion Graphics & Visual Effects Techniques
  • Import and Animate Illustrator Graphics
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What Will I Learn?

  • All of Adobe After Effects – in a dynamic, hands on approach
  • All the Useful Techniques and Methods used in After Effects
  • Video Visual Effects, Motion Graphics and Compositing to Create Awesome Videos
  • How to become an AE expert with 18+ Practice Activities and plenty of projects
  • A powerful step by step system to immediately start creating Animation and adding Visual Effects
  • How to Create Motion Graphics to Enhance your Videos
  • Dive right in and start creating animation and visual effects
  • How to Use Visual Effects to get Amazing Videos
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What Will I Learn?

  • By the end of the course you'll have created your own Demo-Reel from 1 min to 4-5 minutes - depending on your ambitions
  • The Entire Video Editing Process while you create you Demo Reel with professionally shut footage provided for you.
  • The complete and professional Color Correction and Color Grading Process - A step by step approach, Including how to use the all Lumetri Scopes and the Lumetri Color Panel.
  • How to use the powerful Editing Monitors within Premiere Pro CC from the Trim Monitor to Speed adjustment Monitors
  • How to use the latest Graphics within Premiere Pro CC to create Titles, Lower thirds and more...
  • The Motion and keyframing concept and their applications within the built-in effects from animating opacity, slow/speed motion to animating sound
  • and much, much more...
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