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DaVinci Resolve 16 Complete Course - Beginner to Advanced

Learn Video Editing in DaVinci Resolve 15 with  Color Correction & Color Grading & Visual Effects in DaVinci Resolve 16

What Will I Learn?

  • Start by understanding the workflow in DaVinci Resolve.
  • Efficiently import and organize your media from Bins to Power Bins
  • Discover multiple ways to assemble your video – from inserts to swaps
  • Fine edit your clips a frame at a time
  • Lots fun re-timing your clips with speed graphs – Slow Motion and Fast Motion
  • Add Graphics, Lower Thirds and Titles, we will even create an Intro and Outro
  • Work in the more advanced Fusion Text
  • Apply and customize Effects from ResolveFX
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Adobe After Effects CC: Essential Motion Graphics Training

Create Motion Graphics using After Effects – The Best Techniques and Methods to becoming a Motion Graphics Artist

What Will I Learn?

  • Create full Motion Graphics Videos in After Effects
  • Create Graphics using After Effects Tools
  • Use all After Effects Motion Graphics Properties and Methods
  • Understand and Apply the most useful Visual Effects for Graphics
  • Master the most useful After Effects' Motion Graphics & Visual Effects Techniques
  • Import and Animate Illustrator Graphics
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Create stunning Motion Graphics, VFX Visual Effects & VFX Compositing with hands-on tutorials & 50+ practice projects.

What Will I Learn?

  • All of Adobe After Effects – in a dynamic, hands on approach
  • All the Useful Techniques and Methods used in After Effects
  • Video Visual Effects, Motion Graphics and Compositing to Create Awesome Videos
  • How to become an AE expert with 18+ Practice Activities and plenty of projects
  • A powerful step by step system to immediately start creating Animation and adding Visual Effects
  • How to Create Motion Graphics to Enhance your Videos
  • Dive right in and start creating animation and visual effects
  • How to Use Visual Effects to get Amazing Videos
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Premiere Pro CC: Fast Track to Video Editing in Premiere Pro

Learn Video Editing in Adobe Premiere with Color Correction & Color Grading and Professional Video Editing Techniques.

What Will I Learn?

  • By the end of the course you'll have created your own Demo-Reel from 1 min to 4-5 minutes - depending on your ambitions
  • The Entire Video Editing Process while you create you Demo Reel with professionally shut footage provided for you.
  • The complete and professional Color Correction and Color Grading Process - A step by step approach, Including how to use the all Lumetri Scopes and the Lumetri Color Panel.
  • How to use the powerful Editing Monitors within Premiere Pro CC from the Trim Monitor to Speed adjustment Monitors
  • How to use the latest Graphics within Premiere Pro CC to create Titles, Lower thirds and more...
  • and much, much more...
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After Effects CC 2019: Motion Graphics & animation Principles

Learn how to create awesome motion graphics animations while implementing the animation principles in After Effects CC

What Will I Learn?

  • By the end of the course you will be able to create animations like a pro animator - (not just motion)
  • All the techniques in the course are Quick & Easy. It's all about fun and enjoyable animation.
  • You will learn Motion Graphics Techniques use by Professional to create animated movies
  • How to create Motion Graphics applying the Animation Principles used by Pro Animators - Exaggeration - Overshoot - Bounce - Follow through & Overlapping action and more...
  • The Motion Techniques and Graphic Effects to implement the Animation Principles.
  • How to add Sound Effects and adjust the pitch
  • You will have the option to download all the graphic artworks used in the course and design your own animations
  • and much, much more...
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Expanding Your Skills

After Effects CC: Master 2D Character Animation - Puppet & Rig

Adobe After Effects Tutorial - Master the two most important techniques for 2D animations in Adobe After Effects.

3D in After Effects CC 2018: Working & Animating in 3D Space

Adobe After Effects CC: A complete guide to Animating in After Effects 3D Space and using Cameras, Lights and Shadows...

After Effects Video Editing: Edit Your Home Video Like a Pro

Edit Your Home Video in After Effects- Create Transitions, Add Animated Text and Motion Graphic. Produce Quality Videos

Adobe After Effects Expressions: Create Motion Infographics

Learn all about Expressions while creating interesting and useful Infographics in Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects CC - Create Lower Third Text Animation

Create Lower Third Text Animation and Package your Work for Resale – Kinetic Typography

After Effects CC Complete Guide to Video Transitions Presets

A comprehensive guide to Movement / Wipes / Dissolve Video Transitions Presets in Adobe After Effects CC

VFX in After Effects CC: Beginner's Guide to Visual Effects

VFX in After Effects CC: An In-depth Guide to Perspective and Generate Visual Effects in Adobe After Effects CC

After Effects CC 2018: Design Professional Video Transitions

Learn how to Design Professional Video Transitions in After Effects CC and How to use them in Video Editing Programs

After Effects: Create Slide Shows - Build a Complete Project

Adobe After Effects Tutorial - Build a Complete Slide Show and Package your Project for Re-Sale or for Personal Use

Course Design - How to Create Impressive Text Animations

Concise & Easy to Use Techniques to Help You Create Your Text Animations using Adobe After Effects - Kinetic Typography

Video Editing: Premiere Pro & After Effects Dynamic Linking

Learn the Dynamic Link Video Editing techniques within the Adobe CC Suite for Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC

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